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Iraqi Christians Doomed by Administration

We urge President Trump halt the deportations of the over 100 Iraqi Christians swept up in ICE raids in the Detroit area. The U.S. has previously declared crimes against the… Read more »

In Support Of The Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative

Hello, I am Terry Rockefeller from September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. When Peaceful Tomorrows organized in late 2001, we did so because we never wanted another family to live… Read more »

LeBlanc Speaks at NH Rally Against the Iraq War

Feb 15 2003 Andrea LaBlanc Spoke at Rally against the War in Iraq. The Rally was held in Concord, NH at the New Hampshire Statehouse:

Rockefeller attends Conference on Iraqi Civil Society

March 2009 Terry Rockefeller meets with members of La’Onf at the Conference on Iraqi Civil Society in Rome,Italy.

Strategy Meeting: Building International Solidarity for Iraqi Nonviolence

June 2008 Coordinator Frances Anderson and member Terry Rockefeller travel to Amman,Jordan for strategy meetings on building international solidarity for Iraqi nonviolence activists of La’Onf. Also at the meeting are… Read more »

Iraq Exit Strategy Forum

September 25-26, 2005 Members of Peaceful Tomorrows attend Rep. Lynn Woolsey’s “Iraq Exit Strategy Forum” in Washington,DC. Adele Welty, Colleen Kelly, Nancy Meyer and Terry Rockefeller lobby in DC for… Read more »

Campbell Arrest in DC while Protesting War in Iraq

March, 2003 Kelly Campbell arrested in DC along with Nancy Lessin of MFSO, to protest war in Iraq.

Peaceful Tomorrows NYC March Against the War in Iraq

February 15, 2003 On the February 15, 2003, during a global day of protest, “The World Says No to War,” Peaceful Tomorrows founding member Derrill Bodley spoke on behalf of… Read more »

Peaceful Tomorrow Delegtion Travels to Iraq

January 2003 Peaceful Tomorrows’ delegation to Iraq, including Colleen Kelly, Kristina Olsen, Kathleen Tinley and Terry Rockefeller, to protest proposed war.

War in Iraq

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