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Guantanamo Committee:
PTers Nancy Meyer and Emily Grandcolas travelled to Guantanamo to witness the pretrials there. CLICK HERE to read Nancy Meyer’s poignant report about the kafkaesque nature of these proceedings. CLICK HERE to read Emily Grandcolas’ summary of events observed during her week at the pretrials from November 2 – 8, 2019.

Afghanistan Committee:
Our Afghanistan Committee is calling for a real peace process in Afghanistan, making two key calls: An immediate ceasefire is necessary to open substantive negotiations for peace in Afghanistan and to achieve the complete and safe withdrawal of American and allied NATO troops. This is essential to prevent intensified military operations and escalating casualties. It is the most urgent demand we hear voiced by Afghan civilians. In the peace process, beyond the core armed participants, this requires meaningful inclusion of those with the most personal stake – Afghan women, youth and civil society. These traditionally excluded groups must be actively engaged. It is they upon whom a viable and lasting peace will depend and who will be most committed to the hard work of building a just, secure and peaceful future from the ashes of war. CLICK HERE to read the entire statement.

In The Media:
Terry K. Rockefeller was interviewed on NPR and shared her opinions about the legacy of torture and the role it plays during the ongoing Guantánamo pretrials. CLICK HERE to hear her interview. * The Lincoln Journal-Star published Nancy Meyer’s response to viewing “The Report,” a new docudrama which shows the struggles of Dianne Feinstein and Daniel Jones to educate the American public about the torture program run by the CIA. CLICK HERE to read her article. * After viewing “The Report,” Colleen Kelly, Chair of our Guantánamo Committee published the following article in The New York Daily News. CLICK HERE to read it.





We head into a new decade with new opportunities and much work to be done: Afghanistan to Guantánamo, across each of our states, our nations, and our world. We count heavily on you, our supporter, to help fund our intern, one staff person and ALL VOLUNTEER advocacy. Whether you have been a supporter from the very founding of Peaceful Tomorrows, or are new to our mission and work, please know that it is all of you that strengthen our conviction to finding nonviolent and just solutions to conflict.

Peaceful Tomorrows Members Review “The Report:”

We published our members’ reviews of “The Report” on our website. Adele Welty, Phyllis Rodriguez, Valerie Lucznikowska, Terry K. Rockefeller, Colleen Kelly, and Nancy Meyer all shared their reactions with us.


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