War Resisters League Peace Award

Founded in 1923 and now The United States’ oldest secular pacifist organization, the War Resisters League resists war at home and war abroad. Its work for nonviolent revolution has spanned decades and been shaped by the new visions and strategies of each generation’s peacemakers. Its political influences span the globe and include the teachings of the Indian leader, Mohandas Gandhi, civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., pacifist-feminist activist and theorist Barbara Deming, labor organizer Cesar Chavez, and peace agitators A.J. Muste and Dave Dellinger.

Since 1958, the organization has awarded its War Resisters League Peace Award to a person or organization whose work exemplifies the League’s nonviolent program of Gandhian action. September 11th Families for Peaceful  Tomorrows received the award at a ceremony in New York City in June, 2003.

Web site: http://www.warresisters.org/

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