War Changes Climate Leads To War

JUNE 2019

The Guardian published an article written by PT member, Alissa Torres, back in March. Our members are more concerned that 9/11 is being used as a political ploy, than by the remarks made by Ilhan Omar.  “If nothing else, the memory of the attacks should bring us together,” Torres writes.  CLICK HERE to read her article.

“The Report:” Two Peaceful Tomorrows members Alissa Torres and Adele Welty had the opportunity to view the upcoming Amazon film “The Report” which follows Daniel Jones, staff researcher of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office, who spent over five years researching and documenting the abuses and cover up of the United States’ Enhanced Interrogation Program. In the words of Welty, the film “takes us to the dark side of our counter terrorism campaign in riveting detail.” The film highlights torture as ineffective and immoral, and advocates for unwavering political vigilance.

The Afghanistan Committee has joined the All In Peace campaign working for an immediate ceasefire, a peaceful end to the U.S. war in Afghanistan and the creation of a peaceful and just Afghanistan. Colleen Kelly and Adele Welty met in May with the Women for Afghan Women founders of the campaign. On May 25, Colleen attended the All In Peace vigil in NYC and gave a speech drafted by Kelly Campbell with input from Adele. We have joined the coalition laying the groundwork for a grassroots movement to unfold as peace negotiations proceed. We invite members and supporters to visit the All In Peace website, to contact Ellen Judd or Katharina Feil to join our work in this campaign, and to follow us on social media. We anticipate further vigils and additional action in coming months. Updates will follow shortly.



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We revised and improved our PROMOTING PEACE resource by adding new links to it. Feel free to share this resource widely.

We are inspired by this video by Education Director, Tony Jenkins, of World Beyond War. In it he clearly outlines the strong connections between the Climate Crisis and the war industry. CLICK HERE and share it widely.

Writing For Wellness: Alissa Torres is teaching a live online course called “Writing for Wellness.” Writing is what got her through and continues to get her through life post-9/11. Over the years she has developed this class and taught it several times at the New York Public Library with great success. – The class begins Thursday, June 6, 2019. The first class will be offered for free. The entire workshop is free for PT members. CLICK HERE for all details.- If you have any questions, CLICK HERE to contact Alissa directly.



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