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As September 11th comes again, it brings the chance to examine afresh the state of our world and our nation. It is also a time to examine our own hope and faith that dedication to nonviolent change is still the world’s – and our – best option. We are deeply inspired by our colleagues who tirelessly work to promote peace. Among those we have looked towards for inspiration was Sumiteru Taniguchi, a victim of the bombing of Nagasaki and tireless anti-nuclear advocate who recently passed away at age 88. His colleague Akiko Ishikawa recalls that “Mr. Taniguchi left and showed us how humans should and could live. What I was able to get to know [from] him is one of my greatest treasures.”

Sumitero Taniguchi (left) with PT member Andrea LeBlanc (second from right) at Stonewalk Japan in 2005. Participants walked from Nagasaki to Hiroshima pulling a two-ton stone to remember and honor the civilian casualties of the A&H bombings of those cities.


September 9-24: Peace Rising! Our friends at the Charter for Compassion invite us to REGISTER HERE for the World Peace Global Unity Streaming Film Series.

September 11: We are co-sponsoring an event with, Samina Sundas, our ally at the American Muslim Voice. Samina organized an Interfaith picnic in Palo Alto, CA and PT member, Antonio Aversano, will be speaking at the event. CLICK HERE for event details.

September 13: PT member, Loretta Filipov, invites all to attend this year’s Al Filipov Peace and Justice Forum featuring speaker Michael Murphy, discussing Design That Heals: Building better buildings. Investing in people that build them.

September 20-26: Help build the Peace Wave together calling on all governments of the world to join the treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons.


Share our Promoting Peace Guide with your friends:


A NEW GITMO PAGE! We have worked hard to create an improved Guantánamo page on our website. Visit today for History, Photo Albums, Family Member Commentary, and Resources; or Take a listen! to hear a primer by Colleen Kelly about all things Guantánamo.

Support Immigrants! State legislators have told our members that our message of support for immigrants can be vital in moving forward supportive policies and legislation. Our talks at rallies, testimony, and media have emphasized the importance of real security over superficial measures based merely on fear and discrimination. If you are interested in supporting policies in your region, contact the office.


September 22-24: Imagine a World Beyond War! Come to DC and attend the conference on Sep 22-24, 2017. CLICK HERE for more details.

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