Torture Violates Our Deepest Values

MARCH 2014

Our Work

Letter to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
PT member, Terry K. Rockefeller, cooperated with amnesty international and wrote the following letter:

“We are writing to ask all of you to vote in favor of releasing the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on CIA detention and interrogation to the American public. As family members whose relatives were killed in the 9/11 attacks, we want justice for 9/11 and security from future attacks. But torture and other cruel treatment have no role in justice or security. Torture is illegal. The prohibition against torture is absolute. No circumstances whatsoever justify its use. This is a central principle of America’s laws and international treaty obligations.
…. Now, the Committee on Intelligence has a historic opportunity to let American citizens learn the truth about what has occurred. We believe this knowledge is crucial to ensuring that our nation never again uses torture. The American public must understand the illegality and immorality of torture. Moreover, we need to understand that torture is ineffective, unnecessary, and counterproductive. Military and intelligence experts have repeatedly stated on the record that U.S. torture has recruited more terrorists and put U.S. troops at risk. Professional interrogators tell us that building rapport and using incentive-based interrogation techniques are more effective than torture in gaining reliable intelligence.
… We are counting on you to set our nation on the right course, to do the right thing and vote to release the report.”

CLICK HERE to view the entire letter.

Together for 3.11
PT member, Gloria Williams, will attend this year’s Third Anniversary Memorial For Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Victims on March 9 in New York City. CLICK HERE for more details.

Boston Jewish Music Festival
The festival opened on February 23 with a powerful message. The band Heartbeat, which unites Israeli and Palestinian youth through the power of music, kicked off their third U.S. tour. Heartbeat was founded in 2007 by Aaron Schneyer, from a Fulbright-mtvU fellowship. Their performance, a blend of jazz, folk, reggae, rock and hip hop reflected music of many cultures. Their music is written by band members, focusing on peace, equality, nonviolence and listening to each other. Heartbeat creates opportunities and the space for Israeli and Palestinian musicians to work together, hear each other and amplify their voices to influence the world around them. PT member, Robyn Bernstein, attended the concert and spoke with a band member about PT and the goals we share in common.!


Our Partners

From the SC
The SC meets again on March 27. Please contact any SC member if you’d like to add to the agenda before the call:

Robyn Bernstein
Barbara Fyfe
Gloria Williams


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We now have a place for PT members on our website. Once we have uploaded the materials PT members might find useful, you can CLICK HERE to pick your username and password to connect.

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