Three Peaceful Tomorrows Members Deliver Speeches Supporting Closing Guantanamo

January 20th, 2009

Peaceful Tomorrows members spoke out recently at rallies in Washington D.C., New York, and Boston, explaining why the Guantanamo Detentions and the Military Tribunals are incompatible with their search for justice.

Valerie Lucznikowska spoke at the Witness Against Torture rally in Washington, D.C.:

“…After that happened I wanted two things – justice and safety. Guantanamo… and the use of torture itself, have not served to make us safer. These practices have disgusted people all over the world and turned them away from us. Worse, they have energized deep-seated resentments and created new dangers.”

Click here to read Valerie Lucznikowska’s full speech.

Terry Rockefeller spoke at the Amnesty International/ACLU Vigil in Boston, MA:

“…After 7 years, we have a legacy of extraordinary renditions and torture that may make it impossible for those responsible for the 9/11 attacks to ever be brought to justice. And at the same time, many falsely accused, innocent people have been swept up in this corrupt and malignant system, detained without due process, denied fair trials, their lives ruined in ways from which they may never recover…”

Click here to read Terry Rockefeller’s full speech.

Talat Hamdani at Amnesty International/ACLU Vigil in New York:

“…America has lost all moral standing in the world because of the Bush administration’s policies of detention and torture at GITMO, and Abu Ghraib. Thousands of Muslim males have been incarcerated since 9-11. The oldest detainee is 95 yrs old, and the youngest was 13 when arrested. This is racial and religious profiling and then the media ask me:

Why do the Muslims hate America?”

Click here to read Talat Hamdani’s full speech.

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