The Biggest Hero by J.W., age 9

My dad is my hero.  His name is [T.W.].   He was a New York City Firefighter in Squad 288 in Queens, New York.  He died in the 9ll tragedy. He and 18 other men in his firehouse raced to the World Trade Center to try to save lives and property.  This is what they did every day.  My Dad risked his life for more than 25,000 people, and he helped save mostly everybody in the Twin Towers. He was very strong and brave, and I’ve always looked up to him. That is why my Dad is my hero!

My Dad’s qualities are very inspiring.  He was helpful because he has saved MANY people from fires. He has saved people’s houses and businesses. He was protective because he protected the things that people own.  He was brave because he risked his life for other people all of the time, day and night, in small houses and tall buildings. He was well-trained because he knew how to dress himself properly when going into fires and what equipment to use.  Lastly, he was very clever.  Once he used his hand to spray water on an apartment fire from a hose that lost it’s nozzle!  These qualities and many others are what make my Dad a hero.

My Dad had brown hair, brown eyes and a round nose.  He was very tall, 5 feet 11 inches.  He was very fit and strong, and had broad shoulders.  He had a HUGE smile and white teeth.  He was agile and very athletic. He played baseball, volleyball and ice hockey.  He was a real daredevil when he was growing up.  He used to jump off the garage roof and climb up trees.  He broke almost all of his fingers when he was growing up. He wasn’t afraid to do anything. As an adult he was a downhill skier, a skydiver and a motorcycle rider. He was a great carpenter and built many things like roofs, stairs, patios, beds, chairs, tables, floors and fireplace mantles.  He even renovated my Granny’s whole house!  Lastly, he was very careful and smart around fires.  He was a great dude and I’m proud of him.

I admire my Dad because he was never thinking about himself when he went to the World Trade Center that day. He was only super excited to accomplish the hardest thing in the world: a terrorist attack on the United States, in New York City.  Saving 25,000 people was the greatest rescue mission in the history of the United States.  He did this work every day he went to the firehouse.  It didn’t matter what kind of people were in a fire, he tried to save them anyway.  He had great passion for what he did.  He loved being a firefighter.

My Dad is a bigger hero than any other hero because he died trying to save 25,000 people, and they were complete strangers. He didn’t have to go there that day, but he did because he loved his job.  He was very committed to his job.  In my opinion, my dad was awesome and great! He is the biggest HERO of all!!!!!!!!

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