Supporting Plea Agreements in the the 9/11 Cases

APRIL 2022:

Our members have been regularly traveling to Guantánamo to witness the ongoing pretrials.
In March PT members Barry Amundson (left) and Elizabeth Miller (right)
met up at Guantánamo for the first time.

“Reaching Judicial Finality”

A Primer on the 9/11 Military Commission at Guantanamo

Our primer explores different ways of going forward with the 9/11 cases at Guantánamo. It offers our analysis of the situation as well as many resources and ways of addressing the lack of accountability.

“We’re almost to the 10th anniversary, and it’s not only clear to us that a trial, if it were to ever happen, would take years but it will face years of appeals. And we believe pretrial agreements are the only way to get any measure of truth, justice and accountability.” Terry Rockefeller; U.S. News March 15, 2022

#20yearslater: You can now listen to our three Conversations for The Common Good held at Bloomsburg University earlier this year:

Our Views on The Afghan Central Bank Funds in the Media:

Daily News – March 15, 2022

“When 9/11 families joined lawsuits years ago, many did so in order to seek declassification of information and to force discovery about possible Saudi government involvement in our loved one’s murders. Many of us never could have imagined that these lawsuits would now be used to seize money belonging to the people of Afghanistan.” Barry Amundson, Andrea LeBlanc and Phyllis Rodriguez

The Intercept –  March 3, 2022

“There is not only a moral imperative in doing this [returning the Afghan central bank funds], there is also a national security interest in doing this and preventing Afghanistan from sliding into total collapse.” Terry Rockefeller

Peaceful Tomorrows Afghanistan committee co-chair Kelly Campbell (left) just returned from an American Women’s Peace and Education Delegation to Kabul, Afghanistan to advocate for all girls to go to school and for the Afghan Central Bank funds to be returned to the Afghan people.
9/11 Families Say: Afghan Central Bank Funds Belong to Afghans
President Biden: We all lost loved ones on September 11th and call upon you to return the Afghan Central Bank funds to the Afghan people. This is their money, not ours.

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