“Beyond Retribution” DVD

Give the gift of peace to your family and friends this year by ordering our new “Beyond Retribution” DVD.

Taped in Oklahoma City on the tenth anniversary of the Murrah Federal Building bombing, “Beyond Retribution” captures a roundtable discussion with those who lost family members as a result of 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the war in Iraq. It is moderated by Father Michael Lapsley, an Anglican priest who lost his hands to a letter bomb sent in response to his work against apartheid in South Africa.

Together, they explore the individual responses of those most closely affected by terrorism, violence and war, and offer ways to move beyond retribution and towards sources of real peace. “Beyond Retribution” is 37 minutes in length, comes with a list of discussion questions, and is suitable for any age (no harsh images or language).

As the holiday season approaches, make your contribution to a more peaceful world by ordering the “Beyond Retribution” DVD online or by mail.

Here are some excerpts from the “Beyond Retribution” DVD:

Fr. Michael Lapsley, Director, Institute for Healing of Memories, and moderator of the discussion: “My own journey was from victim, to survivor, to victor. Victor in the sense of becoming a participant once more in coming to shape and create the world.”Father Lapsley lost his hands to a letter bomb received as a result of his anti-apartheid work in South Africa.
Andrew Rice, brother of David Rice, killed at WTC: “It became important to me personally to use all the anger and pain that I had for something positive. My brother is physically dead, but I have the power to protect his integrity.”
Terry Rockefeller, sister of Laura Rockefeller, killed at WTC: “Maybe we have to learn more about how wonderful it is to travel in the world, and encounter difference, enjoy the variety of life on this planet, and not tolerate, it but engage in it.”
Michael Berg, father of Nick Berg, killed in Iraq: “I can remember feelings of intense physical pain… and thinking of it as something I had to take out and give it away to somebody else. And at the same time thinking, no, it has to be extinguished, it can’t be given to someone else, because it will just be passed to someone else, and someone else, and someone else.”
Frank Silovsky, widower of Kathy Silovsky, delayed victim of Oklahoma City bombing: “I feel like I’m honoring her by telling this story. Her life was exemplary in that she was able to resist the enormous pressure to go along with the crowd, and speak out strongly against the death penalty.”
Loretta Filipov, widow of Al Filpov, killed on Flight 11: “I knew almost immediately that no other innocent human being should have to suffer what I was feeling at that moment.”
David Potorti, brother of James Potorti, killed at WTC: “It was such a dehumanizing experience…it was treating him like he didn’t exist. And when the response of my country was, ‘We’re going to bomb Afghanistan,’ that was a dehumanizing experience, treating those people exactly like my brother.”
Andrea LeBlanc, widow of Robert LeBlanc, killed on Flight 175: “He honestly believed that if you understand a bit of what other people struggle with, the joys they celebrate, and the troubles that they struggle with, the things they are deprived of, then it’s harder to deny our common humanity.”
Amy Rice, sister of David Rice, killed at WTC: “People would ask me how I was feeling about retribution, and what if they caught Osama Bin Laden, what would you want to happen…and I copped to the fact that I was having fantasies of, if I saw Osama Bin Laden, if I had a bat, beating him to death. And I thought, ‘Gee, maybe that’s not the healthiest mindset to have right now.’”

“Beyond Retribution” comes with a list of discussion questions, and is available for a $20 tax-deductible donation to September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. Please support us and help to create a safer and more peaceful world for everyone. Order your copy of “Beyond Retribution” today.


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