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Organizing a Peaceful Tomorrows Speaking Event for Your Community
The PT Speakers Bureau includes over twenty individuals who are available to visit communities all around the United States and the world. These speakers poignantly share their thoughts about losing a family member on September 11 and why working for peace is an appropriate response.
Many groups large and small have invited speakers from Peaceful Tomorrows to participate in teach-ins, church services, forums, rallies, conferences, classroom lectures, and other events. From Rotary Club meetings to peace demonstrations, we seek to bring a peace making perspective into a broad public discussion. Peaceful Tomorrows speakers are especially eager to participate in events that bring in a wide audience that ranges across the political spectrum.If your group is interested in hosting a Peaceful Tomorrows speaker, there are a few things to consider first. Our organization does not have funding to provide travel and related expenses for our speakers. If a speaker must travel a long distance to an event, it is necessary for related costs (travel, lodging, food) to be covered by the hosting organization or organizations.

We appreciate a donation or honorarium for each speaking event.  Our group relies on contributions to continue our work. However, we do realize that some organizations are not able to provide a donation, and that fundraising at some events is not appropriate. The main goal of the Speakers Bureau is to send speakers out there. We are willing to work with you on this.A good way to defray costs is to collaborate with other groups in your area. This is also beneficial in terms of getting more people involved and spreading the message even further. With the help of groups in surrounding communities, it may be possible to set up additional speaking opportunities.

It is great if there is good publicity and media work done before the speaker arrives. One of the most productive aspects of sending speakers around the country is not only reaching the audiences they talk to directly, but reaching the larger and more diverse audiences through local radio, television, and print media.

To request a speaker, please contact us at info@peacefultomorrows.org.

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