Should the US harbor an international terrorist?

From the Families for Justice website:

On October 6, 1976 a Cubana Airlines jetliner exploded in mid-flight off the coast of Barbados. The bombing of flight CU 455 was the first terrorist act against a civilian plane in this hemisphere. It cost the lives of all 73 crew members and passengers aboard, including Cuba’s junior fencing team, returning from a competition in Venezuela.

There is overwhelming evidence that Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch Avila, two of the most dangerous terrorists of the Western hemisphere, are responsible for this horrendous act known as the Barbados crime, as well as other crimes, which they have shamelessly acknowledged without ever expressing remorse for the civilian death toll.

Currently, Bosch walks the streets of Miami a free man, and Luis Posada Carriles arrived last March, illegally, in the United States, where he hopes the U.S. government will harbor him. According to international treaties and antiterrorist agreements, no one accused of a terrorist act against a civilian airplane can fail to be tried. Venezuela has formally requested the extradition of Posada Carriles, a nationalized Venezuelan citizen and a fugitive of Venezuelan justice since 1985. He should be extradited there; or otherwise he should be tried for this terrorist act in the U.S., where he remains without being brought before any court of justice.

We, family members who lost loved ones as a result of this heinous crime, have come together and created the Committee of Families of the Victims of the Cuban Airliner Bombing in Barbados to voice our demand that justice be served.

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