September 11, a Day of National Self-Examination

We were asked on the days leading up to the 2nd year since THE 9/11, how we were feeling two years later.

We would have to say that many things changed after 9/11 and still continue after two years. Not a day goes by that we don’t miss our son – he was a large part of our lives – and he still is.

So the obvious and sad changes are still there, but 9/11 also forced us to ask WHY this happened. And as a consequence of that, we have become very observant of what our country is doing in the world and I, for one, am almost consumed with the deep questions/problems in the Middle East and by thoughts of how to make life better for those that are oppressed by the thoughtless brutality that goes on in their everyday lives. The idea of a “war for the hearts and minds of those that might seek to do us harm” seemed to be just about right in 2001. Unfortunately, our actions did not follow our words.

Thus we feel terribly frustrated by the direction in which our foreign policy is going. Our arrogance and simplistic, shallow approach to terrorism plays right into the hands of those that depend on hatred to push for their objectives.

With respect to the day, itself, we wish that September the 11th could be turned into a constructive, serious day of national self-examination.

Those of us that lost loved ones don’t need to be reminded of the horrors of that day.

Many of us don’t want to pretend that our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, and family
members were heros; most of them weren’t.

We don’t need a day to honor and cherish those lost; we do that every day.

We don’t want the day to remind us of what we lost. We would like to see at least one day each
year when we as a nation, ask ourselves seriously what our government, as leaders of
a wealthy, privileged nation can DO to make life better for those people that we have
taught, by our actions, to hate us so much.

THIS would give a lift to our spirits and some hope for the future.

Jim and Barb Fyfe

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