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These resources further explore the work of Peaceful Tomorrows and related issues of nonviolence and restorative justice. They’re perfect for college or university classroom instruction, libraries, community groups, churches or for individual gifts. They can be ordered from the donations page.

In Our Son’s Name is an intimate portrait of Phyllis and Orlando Rodríguez, co- founders of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows whose son, Greg, died with thousands of others in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The award-winning film also features Talat Hamdani, whose heroic son, Mohammad Salman, perished rescuing others yet he was wrongly deemed a suspect due to his Muslim faith The bereaved parents choose reconciliation and nonviolence over vengeance and begin a transformative journey that both confirms and challenges their convictions.

They speak out against war in Iraq and Afghanistan, publicly oppose the death penalty of avowed 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui and befriend his mother. As their search for meaning evolves they speak out against anti-Muslim actions and find peace in working with prison inmates.

Their marriage strengthens, and they reach a deeper understanding of their rebellious son, who had just begun to find his way when his life was cut short. The award-winning film mixes in-depth interviews with on-location footage and striking archival photographs and video to create a deeply personal story that invites us to re-consider conventional concepts of justice and healing. Soon to air on Public Television Stations.

Watch the “In Our Son’s Name” trailer here.

DVD: Beyond Retribution

Taped in Oklahoma City on the tenth anniversary of the Murrah Federal Building bombing, “Beyond Retribution” captures a roundtable discussion with those who lost family members as a result of 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the war in Iraq. It is moderated by Father Michael Lapsley, an Anglican priest who lost his hands to a letter bomb sent in response to his work against apartheid in South Africa.
Together, they explore the individual responses of those most closely affected by terrorism, violence and war, and offer ways to move beyond retribution and towards sources of real peace. “Beyond Retribution” is 37 minutes in length, comes with a list of discussion questions, and is suitable for any age (no harsh images or language).

You can order the “Beyond Retribution” DVD by donating online or by mail

View Clips from “Beyond Retribution”:

Father Michael Lapsley

Terry Rockefeller

Amy Rice

For excerpts from the participants of “Beyond Retribution“, Read More.

BOOK: September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows: Turning Our Grief into Action for Peace

This Book tells the story of how we came together to form the group, and how we have struggled to keep our losses from being used as a justification for further violence and terror. Written by David Potorti, along with original essays from members of the group including Ryan Amundson, Myrna Bethke, Derrill Bodley, Kelly Campbell, Colleen Kelly, Rita Lasar, Kristina Olsen, Andrew Rice, and Terry Rockefeller.

This soft cover book is 250 pages and retails for $14.95 with a percentage of the proceeds supporting the work of Peaceful Tomorrows. An autographed version of the book is available for an additional donation. It’s published by RDV Books/Akashic Books and is available through local bookstores or online from iTunes/Apple for iPad, Sony, Kobo and Google books. Or, follow these links:

Amazon Kindle Barnes & Noble NOOK Book : ISBN 0-9719206-4-8.

You can order the “Turning Our Grief into Action for Peace” by donating online or by mail.

Read more for selected quotes and more information.

­SLIDESHOW: Download a slideshow that presents a history of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows and turning our grief into action for peace.

Peaceful Tomorrows Slideshow.

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