Peaceful Tomorrows has received a matching grant from the Institute for Socioeconomic Studies in honor of the 15th year commemoration. All donations received by October 31st, 2016 will be matched (up to $20,000). Please encourage your family, friends, and networks to contribute so that we may make the most of this opportunity to advance our vital work.



Three PT members observed the 9-11 hearings at Guantánamo as NGO observers in May and July. General Baker, the Chief Defense Counsel, observes that the reasons behind the LONG delay in trial proceedings are “D-I-D”, representing the Death (penalty), Intrusion (by U.S. government agencies), and Discovery (thousands of documents and prolonged squabbling about classification and relevance). Couple this all with 5 defendants and 5 defense teams, and we have a trial now in its fifth year and nowhere near the start!

The next 2 week session is scheduled for October 3rd. Please be in touch with our Rule of Law Committee Chair, Colleen Kelly at colleen@peacefultomorrows.org for further information. As a PT member you can also subscribe to the Guantánamo list to stay informed about current issues.

War No More: A book by this title was published by the Library of America. Its purpose is to portrait three centuries of American antiwar and peace writing. The book’s editors chose to include some of Orlando and Phyllis Rodriguez’ writings. We thought you might enjoy reading some words from the book’s forword by James Carroll:

“The essential American soul,” D.H.Lawrence observed in writing about James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking tales, “is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer.” That harsh assessment, one must acknowledge, has been borne out across the centuries by a still-unchecked current of war, but through the essential American soul runs a countercurrent of peace, and this volume documents it. Democratic liberalism itself aims at a civics of compromise, while the United States Constitution establishes a structure of amendment that amounts to a politics of self-criticism. Compromise and self-criticism: nonviolence is essential to both.”


Take a look at our calendar to see various upcoming screenings, discussions and other important events in September and October 2016.


Our new partnership with  Community Tool Box, a free, online platform that serves 5.8 million users in 230 countries. Peaceful Tomorrows authored content that provides tools and models for promoting peace in order to foster more compassionate communities. Help us disseminate our Promoting Peace guide among your friends and within your existing networks.



We have a new Steering Committee!
New to the Steering Committee are Diqui LaPenta and Donald Charlebois: Both joined in August 2016. WELCOME! In addition, Gloria Williams, Robyn Bernstein and Barbara Fyfe remain active and continue to inspire us with their activism.

IOSN On Public TV: Help us make it happen! Call the Program Director of your local PBS affiliate and ask if they are going to air the film in September. Tell them that the distributor to public television is NETA (National Educational Telecommunications Association), and that if they wish for more information about the film they can contact Gayla Jamison at inoursonsname@att.net. Anyone contacting their local public television station can also say that several public TV stations have already scheduled IOSN to air on September 11. CLICK HERE for all public TV screenings.

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