Peaceful Tomorrows at the World Peace Forum in Vancouver, BC

Peaceful Tomorrows members Andrea LeBlanc and Kelly Campbell will speak on panels at the World Peace Forum in Vancouver, BC June 23-28. Details are below.
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Sunday, June 25
Restorative Justice: The Mousssaoui Trial and Its Implications
Time: 3:30-5:30 pm
Venue: Westbrook 100, UBC
Description: September 11th Family Members testified for the defense in the celebrated Moussaoui trial. This was the first time victim family members gave testimony for the defense in sentencing in a death penalty case. During this session principles of restorative justice will be discussed along with the process used by the and the experiences of family members who testified. How does this historical case on the restorative justice movement. Presentation of panel and discussion to follow.
Presenters: Kelly Campbell, Andrea LeBlanc, Dot Walsh, Mickell Branham
Wednesday, June 28
Topic: Ending the U.S. War and Occupation in Iraq: Organizing in the United States
Time: 9-12 noon
Venue: SUB 207/209, UBC
Sponsor: Organized by American Friends Service Committee
Description: U.S. peace organizers and activists are educating and organizing to end the U.S. war and occupation in Iraq and prevent attacks against Iran. They share their analyses and discuss how they are working to bring U.S. troops home.
Presenters: Kelly Campbell – September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows; Joseph Gerson – American Friends Service Committee; Bal Pinguel – American Friends Service Committee & AFSC Judith LeBlanc – United for Peace and Justice

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