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Several members of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows have participated in programs about Peace Boat US. It is a non-governmental and non-profit organization working to promote peace, human rights, equitable and sustainable development, and respect for the environment throughout the United States and the world. These aims are pursued through international educational programs, including onboard conferences, workshops, face to face encounters and field studies. Peace Boat US upholds The Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice for the 21st Century, including the promotion of the non-violent prevention and resolution of conflict among nations and peoples, and the development of a culture of peace.

With the objective of building grassroots global understanding, Peace Boat US organizes floating peace education programs and exposes participants to new countries and cultures. These study and cultural exchange programs take place onboard a passenger ship bringing people of all ages, nationalities and experiences together to visit different countries and to learn in-depth about the issues that affect the people who live there. Learning directly through people to people encounters, we aim to examine the root causes of such issues from the local to the global level. These programs are held in partnership with the Japan-based organization Peace Boat, and take place onboard its global voyages.

Our programs aim to educate, raise awareness, and inspire action which will bring forth positive political and social change in the world. Participants will be exposed to various social, political, environmental, and economic issues through our onboard educational programs and our exposure programs in the countries we visit. Learning directly through people to people encounters and grass-roots field experiences, we aim to examine the root causes of local and global issues, nurture compassion, empathy, and responsibility as global citizens.

Our peace education programs combine advanced study of selected topics onboard the ship with exposure programs in various countries. The onboard program comprises of lectures, workshops, and intensive seminars which encourage dialogue and participation on current global issues.

Programs Onboard: International educators will direct each segment of the voyage through lectures, discussions and interactive workshops. Instructors and resource persons for Peace Boat’s courses are drawn from the worlds of both academia and activism, and come from all over the world. While the coordinator for a particular course is usually from an academic institution, their teaching is supplemented by testimony and workshops led by practitioners and field-workers including journalists, community activists, political artists and war veterans and survivors.

Programs in Port: In each country of destination, Peace Boat US organizes educational exposure programs and cultural exchanges in cooperation with local counter partner organizations. However, participation is not only about “looking” and “visiting” – Peace Boat has long-term relationships with the organizations and the programs involve activities that aim to benefit both Peace Boat participants and the local partners. These activities include joint advocacy programs, local humanitarian support and community cooperation projects.

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