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FACING TRAUMA: The Intersection of Healing and Justice

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In recognition of last year’s 19th commemoration of 9/11, we were joined by some of our international allies as we acknowledged our common experience with everyone affected by violence throughout the world. Together we considered how engagement in advocacy has helped us heal. In sharing our experiences we aspired to give hope to others who are experiencing their own trauma and grief.
Our special guests were Marina Cantacuzino, founder of The Forgiveness Project and Father Michael Lapsley, founder of the Institute for Healing of Memories – North America. Additional speakers were PT members Andrea LeBlanc and Iryna Muha.
Moderators were PT Founding Member Phyllis Rodriguez and Intern Nick Perrotti.

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BUILDING BRIDGES For Peace In A Divided World

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An international group of activists came together to share about how they are building bridges for peace after experiencing adversity. Our panelists shared how they transformed their pain and suffering into working for a more peaceful world. They gave examples of bridge building within their communities and their work with an empowered younger generation of change makers.
Our panelists were Jo Berry, founder of Building Bridges for Peace, Bassam Aramim and Rami Elhanan, Parents Circle – Families Forum and PT member and educator, Karen Shea.
The discussion was moderated by Nick Perrotti. Questions from the audience were addressed in real time.

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UNCOMMON BONDS: An Unlikely Friendship Between a 9/11 Family Member and A Detainee at Guantánamo

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Join a conversation between Peaceful Tomorrows member Elizabeth Miller and former Guantanamo detainee Mohamedou Ould Slahi. The pair discussed their experiences as a family member who lost her father on 9/11, and as a detainee whose arrest led to 14 years at Guantanamo Bay prison. Both shared a path of nonviolent response to their anguish. Slahi’s experience is further documented in the newly released The Mauritanian.

Peaceful Tomorrows’ co-founder Colleen Kelly, who frequently travels to Guantanamo to monitor the pre-trial hearings, moderated the discussion.

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COMPASSIONATE ACTIONS in a polarized world

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2021 is an important year for reflecting back on our work and our partnerships. We’ve long admired the groundbreaking efforts made by our longtime partner, The Charter for Compassion. As we approach the 20th commemoration of the attacks of 9/11/’01 we take a look at our shared work and goals to create a more peaceful world.
We were be joined by Marilyn Turkovich, Director of the Global Team at the Charter for Compassion, who shared with us about her work with Compassionate Cities;  Cristina Gonzalez, Founder of Compassionate Nuevo Leon & Compassionate Moneterrey who recollected her experiences making Monterrey a compassionate city and Rev. Dianne Hudder, PT Steering Committee member and retired minister, who reflected on her work as a minister within the interfaith community.

*********Seeking Pease in Afghanistan


CLICK HERE to listen to the recording and use passcode: R^ftP#7v

Afghan panelists spoke with us from Kabul and abroad, joining with international panelists to bring perspectives from the lives of Afghans living courageously through the last two decades of war and the recent escalation in violence. We heard of the impact of the war upon the lives of women, youth and civilians and of seeds for peace that are being sown in its midst. The webinar went beyond the limits of troop withdrawal to present nonviolent pathways, reparations and witnessing on the long road to peace with justice for Afghanistan. – The discussion was moderated by Ellen Judd, who facilitates the work of September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows related to Afghanistan and to the US/NATO war in Afghanistan.

To hear what Father Michael Lapsley (South Africa), Jo Berry (England), members of the Palestinian/Israeli Parents Circle – Families Forum, and some of our 9/11 family members have been doing since the Civilian Casualties/Civilian Solutions conference, listen to our recent webinars.

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