No More Innocent Lives Lost – Statement on the Film, United 93

I share with other United Flight 93 family members the hope that through better understanding of the events of September 11th, we can find ways to ensure that people do not see violence against other people as viable or effective. Our family members were heroes because they acted to save lives rather than to destroy. We hope viewers of United 93 will see beyond a simplistic view of "us versus them" to understand that we need to find effective means of living with one another with mutual respect to ensure the safety and security of all families in this country and across the diverse religions and regions of the world.  

One grave concern I have with the film United 93 is the possibility it will contribute to hate crimes, which have risen dramatically since 9/11. Certainly 9/11 families don’t want to see more innocent families victimized by hate – that is the model the terrorists followed. Like other victims of 9/11, the passengers aboard Flight 93 were of diverse ethnicities and religions who united to try to protect one another. Their heroic efforts were made to protect those targeted by the intended attacks and with the hope of returning safely to their own families. They had limited options, where we do not. We need to use all the means at our disposal to break the cycle of violence rather than fan its flames.  I am heartened that the film director, Paul Greengrass, has responded to family concerns in this regard.  He has agreed to change some of the messages that could be misinterpreted so as to incite violence in some who, viewing such horrific terror, may be tempted to respond with more violence against innocents.

Terry Greene, Sister of Donald F. Greene, United Flight 93 Passenger

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