New Horizons for Women

New Horizons for Women is a non-profit women’s organization that seeks to empower Iraqi women to take their place as leaders and shapers of the new Iraq. The core values of New Horizons for Women are integrity, civility and responsibility. Ms. Naba Saleem Hamid founded the group in 2003, try reaching out to women of all ages to help women deal with the “multiple traumas that have robbed them of hope and skills for their future.”

One of the group’s long-term goals is preparing women to take their place in political life as leaders who will help build the new Iraq. By providing the women they encounter with necessary information, education and skills as well as helping them heal from trauma, New Horizons for Women builds hope and self-esteem.

Through her organization, Ms. Hamid is helping Iraqi women become active members of society that are able to communicate with others regardless of gender, race, religion and political affiliation. Its members are building cross-cultural bonds through the internet to support the peace building work of women globally.

Ms. Hamid has lost her nephew and several friends since the war began in Iraq. She is a Professor of Parasitology at the University of Baghdad, and a women’s rights and peace activist. In 1982 while studying at London University on a World Health Organization fellowship, her thesis was suspended due to the Ba’ath regime’s resolution prohibiting Iraqi women from applying for independent travel, and government funds for academic study abroad. She was a participant in September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows 2006 International Conference and her group is currently a member of the International Network for Peace that grew out of that gathering.

New Horizons for Women is also a member of the Iraqi Women’s Network, which is an umbrella organization for 80 women’s NGOs. These NGOs share information; trainings and members participate in the activities of most of these groups. NHFW is closely allied with Independent Iraqi Women’s Group, AlAmal, AlGinna, Nahat AlMaraa as well as several human rights organizations.


Address: Iraq – Baghdad, Idrissi 507, rd.12, house 7

Telephone: +964 1 7721107, +964 1 7743044

Mobile: +964 7901 765 974


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