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MARCH 2018


February 23-March 2: Colleen Kelly traveled to Guantánamo again to attend the 28th pretrial hearing of the 9-11 accused. Two issues stand out for 9-11 family members this week: 1) The question of why the Convening Authority and his legal advisor were fired. CLICK HERE for more insights. 2) Public access to hearings. CLICK HERE to read review the transcripts.

GUN VIOLENCE: The mounting school shootings, which as of the Parkland tragedy rose to eighteen just in the first two months of 2018, redoubles our commitment to connecting gun violence to our work to promote peaceful communities. The courageous and heartfelt leadership of youth as they lead efforts from the Black Lives Matter movement to the upcoming March 24th March For Our Lives shows they are commendable teachers in their own right. The words resonate with us as truths that are equally applicable to our call to cast aside weapons of war.
Parkland survivor and student organizer David Hogg observes: “Think about it. You can create a positive feedback loop with the more violence you create, the more guns you sell because people become afraid.” While fellow student Emma Gonzales proclaims: “We are grieving, we are furious and we are using our words fiercely and desperately because that’s the only thing standing between us and this happening again.”

WE SUPPORT: The Parents Circle: Sisterhood of Pain, Sisterhood of Hope: On April 30 come meet the twelve Israelis and Palestinian mothers who forged the pain of their children’s death into a common passion for peace and hear them tell their stories. CLICK HERE for more details.

MEDIA: NYXT is a cable channel and digital platform that produces and showcases Manhattan’s best media. We have partnered with them and are featured, so far, HERE.

Our Allies:

APRIL 12: Next Community Connection Call
You are invited to join our April Community Connection Call with PT member, Alissa Torres, who will share about her work in the area of “Writing for Wellness.” Call-in details will be announced in next month’s newsletter or contact our call facilitator, Antonio Aversano, for more information. Everyone is welcome!

After almost 10 years on the Steering Committee (SC), Robyn B. Donati, has decided to step down from her position. Robyn has tirelessly served on the SC, has strengthened the organization’s interfaith work and will continue to build bridges to other faith communities. We will miss her positive spirit and thank her for all she has done.

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