November 2011

November 2011

FUNDRAISING: We are almost there! PT has received over $18,000.00 in online and mailed check donations to date. Any online donation received on or before October 31 and any check donation dated October 31 will be matched dollar for dollar by the Institute for Socioeconomic Studies. With your help, we can reach the $20,000.00 mark!
PT on FACEBOOK: We have about 3,800 supporters on facebook. Make sure you check in on our page for the most up to date news and events.
NEW PT WEBSITE LAUNCHED: After many years of struggling to keep up our old website, the Steering Committee approved the merging of both our websites (peacefultomorrows and 911stories) into one new website. Most of the merge is now complete, and the website was launched on October 24th. The entire website will be completed later this week. We would like to thank Barry Amundson, Peter Gudaitis, John Leinung, David Potorti and Marco Riquelme for all their help on this project.
GENERAL MEMBERSHIP RETREAT: We envision this retreat for January/February 2012. Planning is underway. Please look for more details and opportunities to provide input on shaping this important coming together.
NEW PT MEMBER: Ellen Judd joined PT last month. She teaches Anthropology at the University of Manitoba and is delighted to have found our group:

“I learned about Peaceful Tomorrows through reading an interview given by Loretta Filipov at the time of the tenth anniversary. I looked up PT on the web and found accounts of family members committed to making a more peaceful, caring and better world – and who have been working together through almost all these years. I had heard that many 9/11 family members in the U.S. had been making a difference, but had remained isolated. I live in Winnipeg: my partner happened to make a family visit in New York and had gone with my brother-in-law to his office that morning on the way to see an old school friend. They were both lost. I shared the same immediate response as other PT members and gave a ‘not in our name’ message from the first memorial service onward, in interviews, and especially during the build up to the invasion of Iraq. I have tried in small ways through the years to continue with this message and a wider one of peace and caring, but have felt isolated and ineffective. As I find myself further along the road of healing, and perhaps able to do more, I look forward to learning and working with those who have already done so much in PT. Our troops may withdraw from Afghanistan, at least somewhat, but the work of creating peaceful tomorrows will continue. I appreciate it that PT has its doors open to the rest of the world, and look forward to working tomorrows, too.”

We thank you for continuing to support PT’s mission to turn grief into action for peace.
The Steering Committee

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