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Ari Radcliffe-Greene

People forget that hate is the enemy. When the morning of September 11th, 2001 was over, the country was looking for a new way to turn. I was confused, 6 years old and lost without my uncle, who was a passenger on flight 93; I didn’t know which way to turn either. I have grown up in a new age of war, suspicion, and anger, now turning 21 amidst a violent nation. We have become that which we most hate. After the evil of the September 11th attacks, instead of becoming united, we have submitted. We have submitted by turning against each other and against the diversity that makes America the free and welcoming nation that it is supposed to be. We have submitted to terrorists who are pitiful individuals, violent and crazy. We have turned on our Muslim brothers and sisters and have ignored the real problems within our own country.

~ Ari Radcliffe-Greene, nephew of Donald Freeman Greene






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