May 2011

Click here to find PT’s official statement in reaction to the killing of Bin Laden on our website. It reads as follows:

“As we consider the killing of Osama Bin Laden, our thoughts turn not only to our family members who were killed on September 11th, but to all of the innocent people around the world who have died, and continue to die, as a result of the events of September 11th, 2001.
It is our hope that the rule of law, underpinned by our Constitution that was so terribly strained in the name of September 11th will again become the guiding light of our policies at home and abroad. One person may have played a central role in the September 11th attacks, but all of us have a role to play in returning our world to a place of peace, hope and new possibilities. We hope that process will begin today.”

The Peaceful Tomorrows Decision-Making Guidelines have been approved. The document describes how PT, as an organization, deals with
a) Media Decisions,
b) Endorsement of Event Decisions and
c) Program Decisions.
Please reply to this e-mail if you wish to receive a copy of the complete document.

In this crucial year, please help us expand our circle of members and supporters! Talk to those family members who agree with our mission statement. Make sure to approach the younger generation as well. We need to grow to have an impact. Click here to sign up as a member. Send this link to your friends so they can become PT supporters.

Two new SC members: Phyllis Rodriguez and Donna Marsh O’Connor have both joined the Steering Committee. Phyllis and Donna bring their great talents and long years as active PT members to the table.
Anne Mulderry remains active as PT’s Project Director.

Please contact our Project Coordinator, Katharina Feil, by replying to this e-mail if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns.

Meet one of our new members, Anne Lynn Hayashi, who joined PT in February 2011. Lynn now says:
“I found a reference to your site through one of the several 9/11 family groups. I started reading about your organization and the good work you do, and was very happy to find a family-member organization that represented my views: I am not for using violence against innocent people around the world by encouraging new wars. For me, the year ahead is about how to handle the 9/11’s tenth anniversary in connection to the war in Iraq and the new wars in the Middle East.”

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