June 2011

Dear PT Members:

The Steering Committee (SC) is thrilled to accept the Bridge Builder Award on behalf of Peaceful Tomorrows. The award ceremony will be held on September 22, 2011. We are invited to attend with a small delegation of PTers and meet with civic leaders, clergy leaders as well as political activists. Whoever chooses to come should be prepared and willing to speak about PT’s work. Please be in touch with SC member Robyn Bernstein @ pianogal.bernstein@gmail.com by June 30 if you’d like to attend.

The SAY YOUR PEACE campaign has been launched! Come visit our website and tell your friends and family about this unique way to make a contribution. Enter the contest and tell us in a video how you think peaceful tomorrows could happen.

We have partnered with “Global Room for Women” and are supporting their teleconference, “Let’s Stand With Women Shaping a New Middle East,” during the month of June. Make sure you listen in on the first of many calls on June 9th.

SC member Paul Arpaia is soliciting volunteers from our membership for a project that was approved by the SC this past month. Zach Shapiro, a friend of Paul’s and a short-film maker has agreed to produce, pro bono, a 100-second promo piece for Peaceful Tomorrows. Examples of his work can be found online. Zach is hoping to meet volunteers in late summer or early fall. If you are interested in participating please contact Paul at paularpaia@mac.com as soon as possible, and the latest by June 15.

The Steering Committee welcomes your feedback! What are we doing that we should not be doing and what are we not doing that, in your opinion, we definitely should be doing? We meet at least once a month, usually on the fourth Thursday of the month. Feel free to contact SC member Phyllis Rodriguez at rodrigu1@verizon.net to let her know about issues the SC should be discussing.

Please reply to this e-mail to contact PT Project Coordinator,
Katharina Feil, with any suggestions, questions or concerns you might have. Meet one of our new members, Scott Reinig, who joined PT during the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy last August. Scott was 19 when he lost his father on September 11 and can be reached @ sreinig@gmail.com.

“As a member of the 9/11 community, I was somewhat understanding of people’s sense of anger. It’s easy for people to scapegoat or over generalize cultures they don’t understand. I’ll admit, I too felt a sense of anger in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 as a naive 19-year old. But I was able to make the conscious decision to gain an understanding of not only Islamic culture, but many cultures affected by political, ethnic, and religious persecution. I spent time visiting Apartheid afflicted regions in South Africa, Communist Cuba, slums in India, and the atomic bomb memorials in Japan. More recently, in 2009, I moved to the Middle East for a consulting assignment where I was able to gain a deep appreciation for Islamic culture, date palms, and Arabic coffee!
I am a recent addition to the PT family, so my involvement in most projects has been limited to this point aside from meetings in Massachusetts and a Boston-area fundraiser with a local comedian. That being said, I have a great deal of interest in increasing my participation in projects surrounding the protection of civil liberties. I believe that people will continue to over generalize and negatively judge the Muslim community in the U.S., and any way I can help inform and sway such opinion, I’m more than eager for action.”

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