July 2011

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Dear PT Members and Friends:

911stories News:
Founding PT member, David Potorti, has uploaded several new videos featuring Terry G., Andrea, Anne, Robyn and Phyllis to the website www.911stories. All of them were interviewed right after the March Members Meeting in New York City. He is looking forward to more contributions and is currently organizing a meeting at The Peace Abbey in the Boston area, July 15-17, to collect and record additional stories. Get in touch with him by clicking on his name. Our stories inspire others.

Rule of Law Campaign News:
Rule of Law (RoL) Campaign Coordinator, Peter Gudaitis, and SC member Gloria Williams attended a Press Conference on June 30. During the event, six of New York’s most prominent organizations announced the formation of a coalition to equip New Yorkers to promote religious pluralism and counter intolerance in anticipation of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The PrepareNY coalition includes Auburn Seminary and its Center for Multifaith Education, Interfaith Center of New York, Intersections International, Odyssey Networks, Quest, and Tanenbaum and its Religion and Diversity Education Program. September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows and 9/11 Communities for Common Ground are serving as advisors to the coalition.

In addition, Peter, with co-chairs, Colleen Kelly and David Potorti, have selected an RoL Advisory Board to work with them. Those who agreed to serve, are leaders in the human rights advocacy and constitutional rights area. We are honored to welcome the following individuals as advisors:

The Rev. Chloe Breyer, Executive Director & President, The Interfaith Center of New York
Zeke Johnson, Campaigner, Counter Terror With Justice Campaign, Amnesty International USA
Virginia Sloane, President and Founder of The Constitution Project

While Peaceful Tomorrows will retain full control over any releases issued in our name, these expert advisors can help us maintain quality control over our statements and materials, and ensure that we are not attacked on issues of accuracy or legal technicalities. We thank them for the gifts of their expertise and time.

News from Members:
Talat Hamdani is representing PT while she participates in a five months long seminar organized by the Rockwood Leadership Institute. She is one of the selected fellows in Rockwood’s Fellowship for Human Rights and National Security Reform Leaders. The program was designed to teach powerful visioning, listening, presentation, coaching, feedback and collaboration skills to emerging and established social change leaders in the human rights and national security field. Talat wants all members to know that we can contribute towards this goal via our Rule of Law Campaign.

Member Project Profile: Shortly after 9/11, PT Membership Coordinator, Loretta Filipov, formed the Al Filipov Peace & Justice Forum in honor of her husband in Concord, MA, where she lives. “Remembering a Day, Recalling a Life, Changing the World,” is the motto of the annual events. Loretta Filipov, is inviting everyone to visit the Forum’s website and view the planned activities on and around September 11th. Please take a look.

      New Member Profile: Susan Ferugio joined PT a few months ago and describes her decision to become a PT member as follows:

“I joined PT in May 2011, the week the news broke about Osama Bin Laden’s murder. I was not prepared for the media frenzy that included reports about the joy among victims’ families and the repeatedly broadcast images of the World Trade Center attack. My husband, Michael, died in Tower 2. While the media feels it necessary to show these images again and again, I feel it is cruel since the images literally show my husband being murdered! Needless to say, the news of Bin Laden’s demise made me anything but happy and relieved. I had read about PT during the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ controversy and it seemed like an organization that represented my views, i.e., using tragedy and loss to figure out how to make the world a better place NOT start more wars! I finally joined knowing that I will need support to help me get through the ‘9/11 media season’ which I am sure will be worse than usual due to it being the 10-year mark.”

We thank you for continuing to support PT’s mission to turn grief into action for peace.

The Steering Committee

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