Libera, associations, names and numbers against mafias was created on in 1995 in support of those fighting against mafias and organized crime. Its is currently a network of more than 1,200 associations, groups and schools committed to building synergies between local political and cultural entities to promote a culture of lawfulness. Its programs deal with  public use of the real estate confiscated from organized crime, education about democratic lawfulness, the fight against corruption, camps for antimafia education and projects on work, development and anti-usury activities.

These programs include:

Libera Learning

This section of Libera is dedicated to the creation and running of educational programs regarding the values of civic responsibility and the fight against the mafia in universities and for associations, citizens and the country. Info:

Libera Memory

On March 21 every year, Liberia celebrates the Day of Memory and Commitment to Remember the Victims of the Mafia. The Day of Memory gives these relatives the chance to reflect on their mourning as they search for real justice, transforming their pain into a effective, and non-violent, instrument of peace and change. Information:

Libera Land, Confiscated Properties
By Italian law, all property acquired through illegal activities is granted to third parties including private organizations, cooperatives, municipal, provincial and regional administrations. The third parties then return them to the community by converting the properties to socially beneficial uses. The confiscated lands in Sicily, Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Lazio have been taken over by cooperatives of students and have produced oil, wine, pasta, taralli, legumes, preserves and other organic goods.  Information:

Libera Sport

Libera, in collaboration with sports clubs and local sports promoters, encourages a respectful sporting culture as a means of spreading values such as acceptance of one’s limits, respect toward others and respect of the rules. Information:

Libera International

Illegal trafficking, international environmental crimes, frauds, intellectual property crimes and worldwide illicit economic networks can only be fought effectively only by an efficient and organized global organization. We are building a web of social organizations not limited to simply helping victims but also dedicated to removing the causes of suffering, fostering democratic participation in the fight and promoting human rights. Information: – Tel: +39 06 69770322 – 24

Libera member Viviana Mantragola was a delegate to September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows International Conference in 2006 and Libera is a member organization of the International Network for Peace that emerged from that gathering . In 1984, when Viviana was 10 years old, her mother—who was in charge of a municipality in the south of Italy –was killed in a mafia shooting as a result of her opposition to real estate speculation on a local nature preserve.

Head office:
Via IV Novembre 98 – 00187 Rome.
Tel: +39 06 69770301/02/03
Fax: +39 06 6783559

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