Guantanamo Resources

  • Guantanamo Bay: A Video Introduction by Lawdragon

  • “Basic history and questions family members may have about the 9-11 trails at Guantanamo” A Q&A with Peaceful Tomorrows’ member Colleen Kelly

  • A powerpoint history of Guantanamo Bay by Valerie Lucznikowska

  • Military Commissions Website: official website for any trial by military commission. Includes all relevant motions and judicial rulings.

  • Lawfare blog: all things related to ‘Hard National Security Choices’. Search blog for any issues regarding the commissions, and you’ll get expert, nonpartisan opinion. Also, does a daily summary of commission hearings.

  • Carol Rosenberg twitter feed/articles in Miami Herald: no one has reported on Gitmo longer or more extensively than Rosenberg; ‘the dean of Gitmo correspondents’.

  • Witness Against Torture: campaign to end torture worldwide

  • Lawdragon: occasional feature articles on 9-11 case

  • Live bloggers from 9-11 case proceedings: (hearings are not televised; unofficial transcripts usually available by next day at

Gitmo Watch
Human Rights First
John Ryan at LawDragon