Finding Our Voices: Classroom Discussion Questions


The following are questions that can be used as discussion guidance or homework prompts:


Is this movie biased? What does it mean to be biased? Is bias bad? Can it be avoided?

Cultural tie-in: Joining the military can be a great opportunity for youth looking for money and an education and is considered part of a legacy in some families. What do you think of the officers who left their duty during the Iraq war? What do you think about the officers who spoke up against it? Would you consider joining the military? What would you do if the government started doing something you didn’t approve of? Is it ok for active military service members to publicly oppose the war they are participating in?


Current political and historical tie-in: What is the role of the news in fomenting war? How has the development of social media changed this?

Current political and historical tie-in: What are the differences between Iraq and Afghanistan? How can we use this film to discuss modern issues?


History tie-in: The Civil Rights Movement was compared to activism against the Iraq War. What do you think of this comparison? What are some important things to consider as an activist? Why be an activist?

Optional homework assignment: find a quote from the movie that resonates with you. Write one paragraph discussing it.


Optional homework assignment: Martin Sheen Narrates Finding Our Voices. He also stars as the President in the famous series West Wing. Compare Martin Sheen’s work in Finding Our Voices to an episode of West Wing in a one-page response.


Optional homework assignment: Compare our interaction with Iraq to another event in US history.

Mixed purpose assignment: Adele Welty, who is featured in the film, helped found September Eleventh Families Peaceful Tomorrows. What led her to this decision? Do you think this is in line with what other family members of 9/11 victims did? Homework: Talk to a parent or guardian about their experience of 9/11. What was their reaction then? Have their views changed? Talk with a parent or guardian about the war with Iraq. What did they originally think about it? Have their views changed? Watch the companion live panel to this film


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