Entering Our 20th Year


PT member and writer, Bill Tammeus, published an opinion piece in USA Today:

This new year brings more frustration over the prisoners – euphemistically called detainees – still housed at Guantánamo Bay in Cuba and more pain for 9/11 families, including mine, as we prepare to mark the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

CLICK HERE to learn more about his new book on “Love, Loss and Endurance: A 9/11 Story of Resilience and Hope in an Age of Anxiety.”

PT member and Guantánamo Committee Chair, Colleen Kelly, was quoted in the article “Torture’s Terrible Toll published by the Open Society Foundation:

“My brother Bill Kelly was murdered on 9/11 in what was likely the most public event in history….I expected accountability for Bill’s murder to be just as public so that everyone, family members included, could see the United States respond with fair and impartial justice. Instead, America chose two wars and a secret torture program. It opened Guantánamo and reinvented military commissions…. The 20th anniversary of 9/11 is fast approaching. 9/11 families, and the world, are watching.”

February 19: The film “The Mauritanian” is being released. It tells the story of Mohamedou Ould Salahi, who was held at Guantánamo Bay Prison for 14 years without charge or trial.

Webinars and Discussion Guides
for Students and Educators:

During a time of online learning, these webinars can help with the exploration of issues of peace, justice, reconciliation, trauma and the lessons we learned after being personally affected by 9/11.

FACING TRAUMA: The Intersection of Healing and Justice:
CLICK HERE and use the passcode j42*yXgQ.
In recognition of the 19th commemoration of 9/11, we were joined by some of our international allies as we acknowledged our common experience with everyone affected by violence throughout the world.Together we reflected on how engagement in advocacy has helped us heal. In sharing our experiences we aspired to give hope to others who are experiencing their own trauma and grief.
CLICK HERE to view the Discussion Guide.

BUILDING BRIDGES For Peace In A Divided World:
CLICK HERE and use the passcode 2^8qJPbs to access the recording.
An international group of activists committed gathered to share about how they are building bridges for peace after experiencing adversity. Our panelists shared how they transformed their pain and suffering by working for a more peaceful world. They gave examples of bridge building within their communities and their work with an empowered younger generation of change makers.
CLICK HERE to view the Discussion Guide.

This Valentine’s Day marks our 19th birthday leading us into our 20th year!


Thank you for supporting our work throughout the years!

Looking Back on 2020: For a summary of what we have accomplished together during 2020 CLICK HERE.


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