Continuing Our Advocacy Regarding Guantanamo


The Rule of Law Committee: As discussions between the government and defense attorneys concerning plea agreements in the 9/11 Military Commission at Guantánamo await decisions on policy issues from the executive branch, our Rule of Law Committee continues to meet with attorneys for the defense and the prosecution. Committee members also attended the first United Nations Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism which focused on advancing the rights and needs of victims and their families, especially the importance of access to justice for all concerned.

Several PT members recently met at the home of Adele Welty to discuss the current status of the 9/11 case with two of the defense attorneys, David Brock and Matthew Engel. David Brock is learned counsel for 9/11 defendant Ramzi bin al Shibh; Matthew Engel is learned counsel for Walid bin Attash, meaning they are qualified to represent clients in death penalty cases. Additionally, Susan Casey and Tammy Krause who work with the federal Defense Victim Outreach program were present to answer questions. While no predictions are certain, ultimate resolution of the 9/11 case could take until 2024.

For more information about the Rule of Law Committee’s meeting times or other details, please feel free to reach out.

From left to right:
Susan Casey, PT member Leila Murphy, Tammy Krause, Matthew Engel, David Brock with PT members Valerie Lucznikowska, Aidan Salamone, Jessica Murphy and Colleen Kelly.

The Afghanistan Committee continues to follow the issue of the Afghan Central Bank funds and lend our support to making sure that all the funds are returned to the Afghan people. In the past month, two of our partner organizations have hosted excellent online forums that have touched on the economic and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.
Our friends at Afghans for a Better Tomorrow hosted an informative webinar with Tom West, US Special Envoy for Afghanistan during which he addressed issues regarding the Afghan Central Bank funds. You can  watch a recording of the webinar on their Facebook page.  Our partners at Unfreeze Afghanistan hosted a Twitter Space on the looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan as winter approaches.
We encourage our members to check out these resources to keep informed on the issues facing the Afghan people.

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