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Believe In The Future On #GivingTuesday

DECEMBER 2020 Tomorrow Is Giving Tuesday: On Sunday, December 6 at 11am EST you are invited to attend our next Round Table Discussion on Building Bridges For Peace In A… Read more »

War Is Terrorism With A Bigger Budget

NOVEMBER 2020 ************* Our September 8 webinar on FACING TRAUMA: The Intersection of Healing and Justice can now be accessed on demand. You just need to click HERE and use… Read more »

Transforming Pain Instead of Transmitting It

OCTOBER 2020 All those who were not able to attend our webinar on FACING TRAUMA: The Intersection of Healing and Justice last month, on September 8, can now access it… Read more »

Advocating For Peace Through Our Stories

SEPTEMBER 2020 September 8: Join us for this year’s 19th commemoration of 9/11 at our virtual Round Table Discussion at 2pm EST: Facing Trauma: The Intersection Between Healing and Justice…. Read more »

Committing Ourselves To Reject Militarism

AUGUST 2020 It is with an aching, heavy heart that we announce the sudden passing of Rev. Myrna Bethke on July 3, 2020. After loosing her younger brother Billy to… Read more »

Raising Our Voices Since 2001

JUNE 2020 OUR FIRST EVER VIRTUAL RETREAT: September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows’ first ever virtual retreat was held on June 6 and June 7. Almost 40 members  – located… Read more »

Seeking Justice Without Compromising Our Constitution

MARCH 2020 #nowarwithiran: Our voice had an impact! We co-signed a letter to U.S. Senators regarding a war powers resolution sponsored by Senator Tim Kaine. CLICK HERE to read it…. Read more »

We Oppose Torture

FEBRUARY 2020 Guantánamo Committee: On January 11, 2020, Valerie Lucznikowska traveled to DC and delivered a speech urging the president to shut down Guantánamo. CLICK HERE to read the entire… Read more »

No War With Iran!

JANUARY 2020 Guantánamo Committee: This year’s Justice Now: Close Guantánamo & End Torture Rally is happening on January 11 at 1pm. Together with Witness Against Torture we are co-sponsoring the… Read more »

We Believe In The Rule Of Law

Main road leading to Naval Base

DECEMBER 2019 Guantanamo Committee: PTers Nancy Meyer and Emily Grandcolas travelled to Guantanamo to witness the pretrials there. CLICK HERE to read Nancy Meyer’s poignant report about the kafkaesque nature… Read more »

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