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Working On Putting Guantanamo In The Past

  MARCH 2023 Rule of Law Committee: It has nearly been one year since an announcement was made that the attorneys in the 9/11 case at Guantánamo were looking into plea agreements. The… Read more »

Continuing To Advocate for the Afghan People and the Rule of Law

FEBRUARY 2023 Zoom Mini Member Retreat Dear PT Members! Stay tuned for an announcement about the next Mini Member Zoom Retreat. We are aiming for March 3. Elizabeth and Katharina… Read more »

DECEMBER 2022: For A Just, Inclusive and Nonviolent World

Having trouble viewing this email? View it in your web browser Membership Committee: September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows (PT) is at a turning point: we will celebrate our 21st anniversary… Read more »

Continuing Our Advocacy Regarding Guantanamo

NOVEMBER 2022 ONGOING COMMITTEE WORK: The Rule of Law Committee: As discussions between the government and defense attorneys concerning plea agreements in the 9/11 Military Commission at Guantánamo await decisions… Read more »

Sharing Our Hope For Peaceful Tomorrows With Amal

OCTOBER 2022 From left to right: Alja & Liv Rodriguez, Leila Murphy and Caitlyn Hynes waiting to give Amal her shawl. Our messages of peace and hope were handwritten on… Read more »

Building Peaceful Tomorrows

AUGUST 2022 TODAY EXPLAINED: Listen to this Apple Podcast to better understand what is currently going on with Afghanistan’s international reserves. Seven Billion Dollars were frozen by the U.S. government… Read more »

Afghan People Are Also Victims of 9/11

JULY 2022 GUANTANAMO: September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows Support Plea Agreements to End the Guantánamo Military Commissions and Ultimately Close Guantánamo The Rule of Law Committee continues to focus… Read more »

Seeking To Unfreeze Afghan Funds To Rebuild Afghan Society

MAY 2022 AFGHANISTAN: The first American women’s delegation to visit Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover last August reported back to us on April 11. CLICK HERE to listen to the… Read more »

Supporting Plea Agreements in the the 9/11 Cases

APRIL 2022: Our members have been regularly traveling to Guantánamo to witness the ongoing pretrials. In March PT members Barry Amundson (left) and Elizabeth Miller (right) met up at Guantánamo… Read more »

Join To Unfreeze Afghanistan

MARCH 2022 9/11 Families Say: Afghan Central Bank Funds Belong to Afghans President Biden: We all lost loved ones on September 11th and call upon you to release the Afghan… Read more »

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