After Words about the October, 2005 Brooklyn Peace Fair

Once again Brooklyn Parents for Peace hosted a great day aimed primarily at high school students. Workshops, speeches, dances, music by chorus and band, and on and on through the daylight hours of a rainy Saturday in Brooklyn, New York. Held in the YWCA at Atlantic and Third Avenues. I thought the building would burst with people and energy and that good, good feeling that comes when the young ones get the message of peace.

Many, many peace groups set up tables of information, items for sale, and games to keep the smaller children occupied. There were videos and slide shows and discussions and a series of speakers. Among the notable speakers was Cindy Sheehan, who kicked off the day with a stirring talk. She has become quite the speaker since her son Casey was killed in Iraq. She was able to stir the emotions of the crowd easily. She was also adept at answering some hard questions, like,

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