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Don’t Miss Out on the remarkable Op Ed piece PT member, Julia Rodriguez, published in the New York Times last month: Guantánamo Is Delaying Justice For 9/11 Families.

Guantánamo Committee Update: Eight pretrial hearings are scheduled in 2018. The anticipated dates are:
January 8-19; February 26 – March 9; April 9 – 13; May 7 -11; July 23 – August 3; September 3 – 14; November 5 – 16; December 3 – 7.
Please contact Colleen if you intend to attend as the observer representing Peaceful Tomorrows.

Stonewalk Japan: We support Tomoko Nakamura’s continuing work and encourage you to take a look at the new website by CLICKING HERE. In addition, her book can be downloaded HERE. Tomoko, our longtime ally, was very instrumental in the realization of Stonewalk Japan and in the ongoing project of creating a database of multilingual publications of atomic bomb literature. PT members participated in Stonewalk Japan in 2005 and walked 380 miles from Nagasaki to Hiroshima pulling a two-ton stone to remember and honor the civilian casualties of the A and H bombings of those cities. Andrea LeBlanc delivered this speech to mark the occasion.


January 4: A new IOSN screening is scheduled during the American Historical Association (AHA) Annual Meeting in D.C. The film will be shown on January 4 at 5:30pm in the Congressional Room A (Omni Shoreham, West Lobby). If you wish to attend the screening please contact Julia Rodriguez directly and she will find a way to get you in.

January 11: Our allies at Witness Against Torture are asking for support for the upcoming January 11 events in DC marking yet another year of the operation of the U.S. prison at Guantánamo. Historically, PT, has helped organize (by phone and e-mail), attended the events in DC on January 11 and spoke at the demo and other ancillary events. If you have any free time to be on a monthly call, or can travel to DC on January 11, 2018, please let Colleen know. CLICK HERE to contact her with any questions.
It is a powerful and meaningful event that brings together an array of allies working to SHUT IT DOWN!

Our Partners:

December 7 Members’ Community Connection Call:
We were thrilled to connect with Delaney Colaio and Jessica Waring who are making the film We Go Higher. As children of 9/11 themselves, this is the first film of its kind telling their own stories to unify their community and redefine their story from one of tragedy to hope. A recording of the call will be available. If you are a PT member contact Antonio Aversano for further details and about the next call.



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