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PT member and Chair of PT’s Rule of Law Committee, Colleen Kelly visited Guantánamo for two weeks (Oct 19 – Oct 30) to observe the pre-trials which resumed after a long break. Her point of view was published on Huff Post Politics, yahoo news, and other media outlets. When asked about the process Colleen remarked: “It’s very, very frustrating. It’s been 14 years since Sept. 11 and I just don’t feel like this is swift justice by any stretch of how we would define swift.”

PT members Kelly Campbell & Barry Amundson have worked with Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility in supporting the Closing of Guantánamo together with members of Amnesty International. PT supports them whole heartedly. Thank you, Kelly and Barry, for magnifying our voice on the West Coast!

We inspire countless students with our mission and our ongoing work. A student at the University of Mississippi contacted us just recently. She wrote:

“We believe today there is a growing misunderstanding between non-Muslims and Muslims. The majority of our group is currently studying Arabic and often encounter shock/misunderstanding when telling people their major. Since the Ground Zero Mosque has helped to bring conversations of religious tolerance and reconciliation to the surface, we wanted to …conduct our research project and answer ‘why do we care’ about how Americans perceive Islam in a post 9/11 world.”


November 5: Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) USA is celebrating the 100th Anniversary working for peace, justice, and nonviolence. The Centennial Exhibit Opening Reception happens at Union Theological Seminary on November 5 from 6-8pm. CLICK HERE for more details.

HELP US CREATE A RIPPLE EFFECT and host a screening of IN Our Son’s Name. As we approach September 11, 2016, we also approach the 15th time we commemorate that tragic day. Leading up to the date, we would like to challenge our members worldwide to arrange regional screenings of In Our Son’s Name, a film which so well conveys our mission. A November 27 screening in Beacon, NY has been arranged. Future screenings coordinated by PT members are in the works for Virginia, Florida and California. Stay tuned!

Will you be next? Contact the office so we can send you a copy of the film for your own review. CLICK HERE to review the guidelines for showing the film.

Attention Educators: Academic use of the film should be arranged through the Filmakers Library. CLICK HERE for the specifics.

Standing ovation after the film premiered at Fordham University last February.


  • NEW WEBSITE! Charter for Compassion
  • Fellowship of Reconciliation
  • Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

  • **********************STEERING COMMITTEE:
    The Steering Committee  (SC) meets again in December. For additions to the agenda, please contact them directly. Happy Thanksgiving!The SC is also looking for new members! Keep in mind that being on the SC is a three year commitment.
    Our Steering Committee needs your help and can be reached by clicking HERE.

    CLICK HERE to find past newsletters on our website.

    Our peace greeting cards come with inspiring quotes. The photographs are by PT member, Andrea LeBlanc, an award winning photographer whose photographs have been exhibited in museums in New Hampshire. To purchase a card CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW. The quote on this one is by Mahatma Gandhi:
  • “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”
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