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More than 20 major groups represent families and loved ones of those who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks:

WTC Families for Proper Burial, founded 2002

Number represented: Families of about 1,000 World Trade Center victims.

Web site: www.wtcfamiliesforproperburial.com

Goals: To remove ashen remains of 9/11 victims from Fresh Kills
landfill, place in appropriate containers, return to a respectful
burial site.

Skyscraper Safety Campaign, founded October 2001

Number represented: Unspecified.

Web site: www.skyscrapersafety.org

Goals: To ensure building safety; encourage better compliance with
building, fire codes; give fire experts more input in writing building
codes; ensure new WTC is characterized by quality, safety, security.
Make sure buildings are built under jurisdiction of NYC fire codes.

September’s Mission, founded November 2001

Number represented: Several hundred.

Web site: www.septembersmission.org

Goals: To support development of WTC memorial that ties into overall
Lower Manhattan redevelopment; ensure its sustainability through
public/private partnerships.

Voices of September 11th, founded October 2001

Number represented in database: About 5,000 family members of about 1,650 victims.

Web site: www.voicesofsept11.org

Goals: To address needs of survivors and 9/11 victims’ families; serve
as information clearinghouse. Promote awareness of terror-related
prevention, preparedness, response.

WTC Family Center, founded September 2001

Number represented: about 1,500 family members of 250 victims.

Web site: www.wtcfamilycenter.org

Goal: To provide bereavement education and counseling support to 9/11
family members, especially children who lost a parent, now-single
parents. Programs focus on resilience, coping skills; strengthening
family bonds.

Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, founded September 2001

Web site: www.cantorrelief.org

Number represented: More than 800 families, 950 children whose parents worked for 12 companies.

Goals: To provide direct assistance to those who lost loved ones on 9/11. Cantor Fitzgerald underwrites administrative costs.

WTC United Family Group, founded September 2001

Number represented: 4,200 family members, 175 survivors, rescue workers.

Web site: www.wtcufg.org

Goals: To provide emotional support to 9/11 families, survivors, rescue
workers; protect legacy, memory of 9/11 victims; ensure authentic
perpetual portrayal of historic events; promote civic participation;
serve as living tribute to those who died; provide online peer support.

Coalition of 9/11 Families, founded 2002

Number represented: "Thousands" of family members, survivors, rescue workers, according to the group’s Web site.

Web site: www.coalitionof911families.org

Goals: To ensure that WTC memorial, a "modern day Gettysburg," will be
a place of historical reverence and honor. Serve as family advisers to
elected officials, redevelopment leaders.

9/11 Families for a Secure America, founded 2003

Number represented: Families of about 300 victims.

Web site: www.911fsa.org

Goals: To support border security reform. Prohibit those not legally in the United States from obtaining driver’s licenses.

Take Back the Memorial, founded June 2005

Number represented: Coalition of 14 active family groups.

Web site: www.takebackthememorial.com

Goals: To move the proposed International Freedom Center off Ground
Zero. Founding was inspired by WTC Memorial Foundation board member
Debra Burlingame, whose brother Chic Burlingame was captain of American
Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon.

September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, founded February 2002

Number represented: 4,000, including 185 members of 9/11 families.

Web site: www.peacefultomorrows.org

Goals: "To develop, advocate nonviolent options in pursuit of justice,
breaking cycles of violence engendered by war, terrorism. Promote
dialogue on war alternatives …. Demand ongoing probes into events
leading to 9/11, including U.S. foreign policies, national security

Give Your Voice, founded November 2001

Number represented: No specific number.

Web site: www.giveyourvoice.com

Goals: To generate awareness, give voice to WTC victims and families;
comment on decisions that affected recovery, memory of victims.

Advocates for a 9/11 Fallen Heroes Memorial, founded February 2002

Number represented: Web site lists 54 associations, groups, individuals.

Web site: www.911fallenheroes.org

Goals: To ensure that WTC memorial lists names, ranks, badge numbers,
units of uniformed rescue workers alphabetically by department. That
the memorial "include language that clearly acknowledges their

William Doyle 9/11 Support Group, founded September 2001

Number represented: More than 7,000 members of 2,573 families.

Web site: Uses sites of WTC United Family Group, of which Doyle is
outreach director, board member; Coalition of 9/11 families, of which
he is outreach director, board member; 9/11FSA, of which he is
treasurer, board member; www.joeydoyle.com

Goal: To act as information clearinghouse, offer referrals. Provide
affordable health insurance; created, with two others, health insurance
plan for 9/11 families.

9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism, founded 2002

Number represented: 7,700.

Web site: None

Goals: Filed $116 trillion federal lawsuit against multiple defendants,
including Osama bin Laden family firm, Saudi princes, Sudan, seven
international banks, eight Islamic groups.

Families of September 11, founded October 2001

Number represented: More than 1,400 members of 9/11 families.

Web site: www.familiesofseptember11.org

Goals: To raise awareness about effects of terrorism, public trauma;
champion domestic and international policies that respond to terrorism
threats, including support for the 9/11 Commission recommendations;
reach out to terror victims worldwide.

Windows of Hope, founded September 2001.

Number represented: About 300 members of 120 families whose loved ones
worked in food, beverage or hospitality industry and died on Sept. 11.

Web site: www.windowsofhope.org

Goals: To pay for health insurance through 2007 and perhaps longer, provide education aid for dependents through 2024.

September 11th Families Association, formerly September 11th Widows and Victims’ Families’ Association, founded 2001.

Number represented: 4,500 in database.

Web site: www.911wvfa.org

Goals: To unite 9/11 community, present evolving issues, share
resources for long-term recovery. Primary focus now is Tribute, a
visitor center at 120 Liberty St., a temporary space until permanent
memorial is built. More information at www.tributenyc.org

Tuesday’s Children, September 2001

Number registered: About 3,000.

Web site: www.tuesdayschildren.org

Goal: To provide mentoring, advocacy for children of people lost on
9/11; educational and career guidance for teens; creative life
management skills for adults.

WTC Survivors Network, founded September 2003

Number represented: More than 350, including evacuees, recovery workers and witnesses.

Web site: http://www.survivorsnet.org

Goal: To provide forum for contact between survivors to empower them to
deal with 9/11 aftermath. Function as site for survivors’ perspectives,
conduit for survivors’ common thoughts.

Lower Manhattan Development Corp. Families Advisory Council, founded January 2002

Number represented: Members of 29 families of 9/11 victims to vocalize families’ concerns.

Web site: None

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