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DSC_5569Bringing our stories, and the stories of others around the world who have been similarly affected by political violence, terrorism and war, to a wider audience is one of the goals of this website. We hope to provide a key opportunity to revisit the paths that could have been taken in the days after 9/11. How could we have responded differently? What could 9/11 families, and citizens around the world have taught us about their experiences of terrorism, political violence and war? What choices could we have made, and what choices can we make today, to create peaceful tomorrows for everyone?

Visit the Our Voices/ Our Choices portion of this website to find stories of our 9/11 family members, those we admire, and stories that shaped the past. As our inventory of stories and actions grows throughout the years, we welcome the participation of educators at all levels. We hope that this website will inspire critical thinking among your students, and that you will use our content for writing assignments, curricula, and projects around the topic of 9/11. We’ll share some of your ideas here, and hope that they will encourage new conversations among teachers as well as students at this critical time.

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Teaching about Peace

September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows is a partner with the Charter of Compassion, which joins individuals, communities, and schools across the globe to unite in mutual support. Our resources, alongside those of other educators, are profiled on the Charter’s Voices Compassionate Education website which offers ideas and resources for teaching nonviolence and compassion.

Teaching about 9/11

  • Years after terrorists attacked the United States on 9/11/01, how are Americans making sense of the events of that day and the aftermath? For those wishing to teach and explore, the Peaceful Tomorrows issue of The Change Agent is a valuable, free resource.  The magazine contains lesson plans and discussion questions to give teachers classroom-ready material that will engage students and provide an important forum for critical thinking, sharing, and achieving understanding across diverse experiences. A national magazine published by World Education, the issue includes articles, poems, and first-person narratives that teach the history of 9/11, wrestle with important legal and ethical questions related to security and liberty, examine the ‘rule of law’ in the context of terrorism, and provide a forum for the voices of people seeking justice and reconciliation. It offers many extremely moving stories about 9/11 and its repercussions. The Change Agent features not only the voices of family members of victims, but witnesses to the attacks, relatives of veterans of the war on terror, detainees, and ordinary Americans who have had a decade to reflect on what happened on 9/11 and the events that followed.
Additional Resources of Peaceful Tomorrows and our Collaborators:
  • The Cost of 9/11 and its Impact on the Rule of Law video by Peaceful Tomorrows provides a clear and thought provoking historical look that can be used to launch discussions with students on the principles of law and human rights that were diminished in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. CLICK HERE to view the video.
  • You can request that our members visit your school or classrooms through our Speakers Bureau by sending an e-mail to Several members’ stories are available on our website and on YouTube. CLICK HERE to read their stories.
  • Visit The Charter of Compassion and its educational arm, The Voices Compassionate Education Project to find more resources on teaching 9/11. Find how your school can join with the growing number around the globe who have signed the Charter to actively promote peace: CLICK HERE.
  • Would your students like to learn about the world’s biggest book, weighing in at over one ton? Learn about how students in one middle school set about breaking the Guinness World Book of Record while learning about and promoting peace. See Pages for Peace.
  • Consider showing IN OUR SON’S NAME:  In Our Son’s Name follows Phyllis and Orlando Rodriguez over more than a decade as they search for meaning and cope with grief after their son, Greg, is killed in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Their remarkable transformative journey takes them through public opposition to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, testimony for the defense at Zacarias Moussaoui’s sentencing trial, friendship with Moussaoui’s mother, work with convicted felons, and speaking out against anti-Muslim actions and the death penalty.
    This intimate, one-hour documentary challenges conventional concepts of justice and healing, and reveals the potential of trauma to inspire, not defeat, the human spirit.
    Academic use of the film should be arranged through the Filmakers Library. CLICK HERE for the specifics.

  • Visit our Resource Page for Books and DVDs, including Turning Grief into Action for Peace and Beyond Retribution.
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