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Spreading the Culture of Peace

JULY 2014 Our Work On June 22 Talat Hamdani was honored at the 13th Annual Dr. Betty Shabazz Awards Ceremony. The Betty Shabazz award celebrates Women Who Dedicate Their Lives… Read more »


JUNE 2014 June is Torture Awareness Month Our Work As a guest of Carol Rosenberg, one of the honorees, PT member, Rita Lasar, attended the Reporters Committee First Amendment Awards… Read more »

Bringing Compassionate Action to Our Peace Efforts

MAY 2014Our WorkOn April 11, four PT members met with a group of twelve Pakistani journalists to dialogue and answer questions. Organized in conjunction with the East-West Center, the Pakistan-United… Read more »

Bringing Charges in Open, Legitimate, Federal Courts

APRIL 2014 Our Work Rule of Law: PT members Ellen Judd, Rita Lasar and Colleen Kelly visited lower Manhattan where Sulaiman Abu Ghaith was being tried on terrorism charges in… Read more »

Torture Violates Our Deepest Values

MARCH 2014 Our Work Letter to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence PT member, Terry K. Rockefeller, cooperated with amnesty international and wrote the following letter: “We are writing to… Read more »

Is Guantanamo’s Message Who We Are?

FEBRUARY 2014 WE HAVE A NEW MAILING ADDRESS: September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows P.O.Box 20145 Park West Finance Station New York, NY 10025 **************** OUR WORK: Rule of Law:… Read more »

When Will We See Real Justice

JANUARY 2014 We wish all our friends and supporters a Happy and Peaceful New Year! Throughout 2013 our members have continuously spoken out, networked tirelessly and observed diligently to help… Read more »

Closing Guantanamo is Good Human Rights and National Security Policy

DECEMBER 2013 Peace Activism: September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows joined Human Rights Watch and signed the Joint Letter in Support of Guantanamo Provisions in Senate Bill.CLICK HERE to see… Read more »

Building Bridges To Peaceful Tomorrows

NOVEMBER 2013 Upcoming Events On November 9, Peaceful Tomorrows’ member, Terry K. Rockefeller, is teaching a workshop at Boston University. The event is organized by amnesty international. CLICK HERE for… Read more »

Unity Will Create Peace

OCTOBER 2013 PEACE ACTIVISM The Institute for the Healing of Memories: The Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover, NH is holding a “Healing of Memories” conference on October 22 with Father Michael… Read more »

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